Monday, April 30, 2012

A list of the States: Most and Least Peaceful / Violent / Safe / Educated / Socialist / Rich States

A list of the States: Most and Least Peaceful / Violent / Safe / Educated / Socialist / Rich States

Well here we go again, yet another study confirming how big government / socialism = better quailty of life AND a better economy, as proven by our very own free market of ideas, the federal system of the United States of America.

I have a special experience with this having lived most of my life in the #4 most violent state (Florida) and now 2 years in the #4 most peaceful (Minnesota), and I can tell you that, even if you are never the victim of violence, the difference of living in these places is so incredibly palpable in every facet of daily life, I would never ever want to go back to living in Florida or any similar (conservative & Southern mainly) state.

It's really, really hard to believe they are even the same country.

In Minnesota, people are more educated, because the state government makes good public education a priority, (and imposes the taxes necessary to do that), and I believe this is the main reason that people here are happier, more interesting and interested in the people around them, and they do their jobs better, even the most menial ones, which makes customers happier and everything operate more efficiently and smoothly.

There is a bigger safety net for those down on their luck, reducing crime and violence.

Everyone I ever met in Florida who was from Minnesota always spoke of a desire to return as soon as possible, and regret of leaving Minnesota, and now I know why.

After living in a state that has such a superior quality of life in every aspect, it is easy to understand why no one would want to leave.

Of course, part of this is that growth is at a more stable pace here.  The cold winters keep immigration to a lower rate, whereas the lack of winter causes Florida to receive an unsustainable amount of immigration.

But the weather is not  to blame here, the governments and cultures of these states encourage this kind of growth and lack of planning for it which causes the violence and miserable quality of life.

They encourage it by allowing unrestrained development which allows low housing costs, no income taxes which encourages conservatives to move there or at least have a winter home there, etc.

And above all, the list of the most violent states are the ones that choose to spend their money on law enforcement and low tax rates, rather than education. A clear lack of foresight which defines right-wing America's stupidity.

People like to say "oh well, they have to keep taxes low to attract jobs and business to move there and stay there".  Really? So is that why the richest states with the lowest unemployment are also the ones with the highest taxes?? Even in places like Minnesota which is not terrible attractive to most people (who don't know how great it is or hate cold weather) to move to?

The fact of the matter is, capitalism has it's place, and business has it's place, but there are many things, especially long-term projects, where only government can fulfill the needed role, and states with strong governments will reign superior.

Right-wing, free-market capitalism as practiced in the red states leads to bubbles which attract people to a place and an industry, which then pop and cause misery, it's no wonder these are the most violent and miserable places to live.

When will people learn it is better to simple grow at a moderate pace, pay your taxes, be successful but not obscenely wealthy, love thy neighbor.

And don't get me started on the hypocrisy of the most violent states also being the most religious.  Jesus loves a place that looked like Minnesota, not Texas, not Florida, not Arizona. The core Christian message is love thy neighbor, live peacefully with everyone, and this requires you to spread the wealth via a strong government.